Nico Levicki

Welcome to Indieview!

My name is Nico Levicki, I'm a german filmmaker based in Offenburg. Making films has been my passion for over 6 years now, because it's a versatile art form that demands a high level of expertise in every field. After I had been trying out different things from VFX to cinematography, I really found out what I want to do in the film business - to tell stories and to move people in an emotional way. Since 2013 I wrote and directed several short films and corporate videos as well as short form videos for the web. As an aspiring filmmaker, I founded Indieview to give you some interesting insights into the art of filmmaking while sharing my thoughts with you from behind the scenes.


Writing words down so that it sounds dramatic
Giving instructions
Using the camera in a way that the image looks good
Convincing people of my projects


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